Nancy Fetzer, M.A., is a nationally recognized curriculum expert and staff development trainer.

Nancy is an award winning teacher who has authored and illustrated many books, manuals, and videos. After years of research, application, and refinement, Nancy has crafted schoolwide methods and strategies that dove-tail with any adoption or framework. She provides the “how-to” methods for curriculum implementation in today’s diverse classrooms. This is not a scripted program, but a unique process that guides all students to read, write, listen, and speak with high-levels of proficiency.

For well over a decade, Fetzer has worked directly with schools and districts inservicing staffs to utilize her explicit direct-instruction strategies, packed with academic language development and student engagement techniques. Her dynamic workshops include classroom demonstration lessons (grades K-8), highly effective multi-sensory instructional tools, and an infusion of ideas utilizing best teaching practices. “Everyone loved her! I have been a principal and staff developer for almost twenty years, and I have never seen teachers so enthusiastic about new learning. She has a clear, structured model that allows teachers to digest material, see it in practice, put it into action, and then reflect.” Lois R. DeKock, Ed.D., Principal, Bancroft Community School, La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.

Teachers marvel at Fetzer’s ability to enter their classrooms, engaging every student with her positive behavior techniques, systematic step-by-step instruction, and academic language development.

Nancy’s lessons immediately impact student learning. “Our achievement continues to improve. We have met our goals since receiving the training. Results are evident as you visit classrooms and see student work on display. Teachers were more excited about improving their practices than I have ever seen them before! They couldn’t get enough and felt they could immediately return to their classroom and implement the new strategies.” Linda Sheehan, Principal, Ross Elementary School, Anaheim City School District.

Nancy is a unique staff trainer that designs workshops and demonstration lessons to meet the specific needs of all students. Teachers immediately and positively react to her engaging presentation style and respect her vast experience as a classroom teacher. “It is difficult to find a presenter with strategies that are of value for the diverse student populations we serve at our school. Every teacher has found the strategies to be valuable whether with Title I, English Learners or Gifted Students.” Carol Anderson-Woo, Principal, South/West Park School, Tracy School District.

See Nancy Fetzer in Action!

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