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Imagine all students, whether in General Education, Special Education, or English Language Learners, successfully reading. Our reading products below provide all the tools, directions, and support needed to make this image become reality!


The Emergent Reading Kit

The Emergent Reading Kit

This kit includes a teacher manual and blackline masters for decodable books and reading portfolios.

Students use their portfolios daily in reading groups, as well as for independent practice. The portfolios are filled with pages that display letters, CV blends (to introduce coarticulation), CVC words and sight words, as well as sentences. Students read and reread these pages for automaticity. Additionally, students practice letter formation, followed by spelling at the word and sentence level. After many days of practice, students then read books with these new and previously learned CVC and sight words. Finally, students write one-sentence summaries for each book. This program is designed specifically for Kindergarten students and as an intervention for grades 1-3.

Nancy Fetzer's Reading Curriculum

Do you need a consistent routine of instruction that ensures you are covering all of your reading and writing standards?

The Reading Curriculum book will answer these needs with its unique language arts, science, and social studies’ interactive walls. These walls provide daily and weekly formats that dove-tail smoothly into all the core subjects by utilizing the highly-effective before, during, and after reading and writing instructional activities and strategies.

Marvel at the simplicity of Nancy’s ten-day language arts’ lesson plan to frontload vocabulary and text structure, increase fluency and comprehension, plus develop higher-level thinking skills that connect to writing.

Before reading, Develop academic language and robust vocabulary through the Word Masters & Movie Scripts lessons.

Kick-off reading with the multi-sensory narrative or informational text structure chants, then adhere post-it notes directly to the text to identify those parts while reading. Engage students with the Read, Act-It-Out, and Record activity to provide direct, explicit reading comprehension instruction that includes monitoring, summarizing and clarifying, as well as visualizing, questioning, predicting, and making connections.

After reading, think, talk, and write! Begin with retells to learn sequencing and to check for understanding.

Next, analyze the text by selecting from a menu of activities that connects to writing: Create Come Alive Boxes for character and setting analysis; Plan and write engaging narratives utilizing elements from the focus text; Identify important information learned to write informative/explanatory papers that include compare & contrast thinking structure. Finally, learn to form and write opinions that evaluate the text, backed by evidence.

Learn about her unique decoding boards for extensive phonics practice students utilize before reading their books.

Please join the thousands of teachers who have bridged theory to practice by using this program. It works and the kids love it!

Nancy Fetzer's Reading Connections Downloadable Book

Are you searching for explicit comprehension instructional strategies?

The Reading Connections downloadable book is packed with strategies to reach all students regardless of languages differences, special needs or varying ability levels. These standards-based tools dove-tail smoothly into any reading program utilizing the unique before, during, and after reading instructional activities and strategies. Before reading, learn to frontload academic oral language, vocabulary knowledge, core concepts, and narrative and expository text structure. During reading, apply the highly effective Good Reader’s flow chart of proven strategies that include connections and monitoring, summarizing and clarifying, as well as visualizing, questioning, and predicting. After reading, write concise summaries to check for understanding; Use Build a Question to develop standardized questions; Analyze text structures and words and phrases embedded in text for analysis; Master Prove-It! steps for a response to literature. Please join the thousands of teachers who have bridged theory to practice by using this program. It works and the kids love it!

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