Pattern Sentence Blueprint Cards & Recipes


The Sentence Pattern Blueprint Cards and Recipes is a toolkit that includes a full-colored chart (22” X 17”) and ten color-coded, laminated “Parts of Speech” cards. The chart displays three different “blueprints” for students to formulate and manipulate powerful sentences utilizing the “Parts of Speech” cards.

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These laminated full-color cards include adjectives, nouns, and verbs for the parts of speech, and why, how, where, and when questions to add modifiers to sentences. When students finish generating a sentence using these cards, they then go back to the color-coding to check for many things. The red (nouns and verb) means: Red light, stop! Do the red words make sense? The red cards help students identify the simple subject and predicate to check for a complete sentence. The yellow (adjectives) means: Caution, caution, slow down! Do you have describing words in your sentence? The yellow card reminds students to use descriptive language in their sentence. The green (modifiers) means: Green light, go! These cards can move around or “travel” in the sentence to form varied sentence structures.

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