Dear Friends,

A horrible event has struck my family. My husband, Robert Fetzer, died of a heart attack on 29 November 2023. I am grief-stricken and overwhelmed. I never experienced such sadness.

For over twenty-seven years, Bob and I worked together creating all the strategies you see on this website, and now suddenly, I can’t believe our time together has ended. After much thought and hand-wringing, I decided this tragedy is too much and I am going to retire from our business. I simply am unable to continue the work without my sweet, kind Bob.

We always considered ourselves lucky to have known so many of you amazing teachers and parents. You brought so much joy to our lives. I think it is important to keep our website open the entire 2024 year for you to access previously purchased digital items, view free instructional videos, and download any freebies. Unfortunately, new purchases from our website store will stop on December 26, 2023.

I know Bob would be thrilled if our business continued, and was able to keep reaching educators and parents. I can’t believe that several interested people/companies have already contacted me. To think, some talented and energetic folks want to utilize our strategies. That’s humbling.

If you need to reach me, please go to my personal email: [email protected]. I always love hearing from you wonderful people, even just to check-in and say hello.

I leave you all with a grateful heart. I married my best friend and loved every minute of our lives together.


Nancy Fetzer

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Sentence writing first day of kindergarten English learners

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Grades 4-6 Writing Online Training Course

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Alphabet Courses


Nancy Fetzer’s Interactive Letter Writing

Nancy Fetzer's Live Classroom Lessons!

Nancy Fetzer travels across the United States providing staff development for districts and schools. When Nancy conducts professional development at school sites, she demonstrates the techniques and strategies directly to the children in their classrooms. Fetzer strongly believes that teachers and parents need to observe her “How-To” methods with their kids. 

Below, you will find a collection of these lessons. Find a topic that interests you, then click-on the link to watch Nancy present in the classroom.

Grades K-1 Lessons

Grades 2-3 Lessons


Grades 2-3 Before, During, & After Reading Comprehension

Grades 4-8 Lessons

Popular Products

Nancy Fetzer's Emergent Reading Kit

35-Weeks of Emergent
Reading and Writing Lessons

The Emergent Reading Kit (ERK) is a complete reading and writing (spelling and handwriting) program that spans from learning the alphabet to reading decodable books and writing sentences. Utilize the free-online training course to successfully implement assessments, lesson plans, and mostly the explicit,
direct instruction strategies that teach children how to read and write at the Kinder and early First Grade levels. On completion of this kit, students will independently read and write 48-sight words and all short vowel CVC words utilizing their unique reading portfolio workbooks and decodable readers.

Nancy Fetzer's Grades K-1 Writing Curriculum

K-1 Writing Curriculum Manual

Implement emergent writing strategies and deliver the metacognitive skills necessary for students to segment and write unknown words, as well as to write sight words. Once these skills are mastered students then learn the explicit steps to write complete cohesive and coherent sentences, and finally powerful paragraphs. Utilize the plan, talk and write format that systematically and specifically instructs students through the writing process. During these lessons, students develop academic language through systematic writing instruction to plan, revise, and edit their writing.

2-3 Writing Curriculum Manual​

Engage all learners with a multi-sensory, explicit instructional writing program. During these lessons, students develop the skills to write succinct summaries and information, entertaining narratives, and convincing opinions. Engaging chants introduce the organization and purpose for the writing genres. Two simple, student-drawn organizers empower learners to plan their own writing without the crutch of duplicated organizers. Academic language rehearsals transform ideas from the organizer into sophisticated cohesive and coherent sentences and paragraphs.

4-6 Writing Curriculum Manual

Write sensational sentences, perfect paragraphs and exceptional essays. Engage all learners with a multi-sensory, explicit instructional writing program. Conduct systematic writing lessons to plan and organize ideas for succinct summaries and information, entertaining narratives, and convincing opinions and arguments. Streamline instruction by providing instant feedback for every student with the unique Plan, Talk and Write System that slowly releases students from highly-scaffolded lessons to independent writing.


Nancy Fetzer's Writing Connections

K-6 Scope of Sequence

Nancy Fetzer highly suggests that administrators, teachers, and parents use the scope and sequence guide as a tool for schoolwide articulation, assessment benchmarks, and planning for narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argumentative writing. Begin with the unique at-a-glance pages that display the organizers, brief descriptions, and suggested stages of writing matched to grade-levels. Advance to more detailed descriptions of the different writing stages, as well as exemplar organizers and writing samples to assess student writing, and determine teaching points for lessons.

Writing Sentences Products

Sentences are the foundation to successful writing. Below you will find three different sections of free videos and worksheets packed with interactive, kid-friendly strategies and tools that systematically teach students to develop complete and sophisticated sentences. This section includes tools to go along with our Who/What Chart, Sentence Builder Chart, and Pattern Sentence Blueprint Cards & Recipes.

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