The Emergent Reading Kit


This kit includes a teacher manual and digital blackline masters for decodable books and reading portfolios that can be printed. Students use their portfolios daily in reading groups for instruction and guided practice, as well as for independent practice or seatwork. The portfolios are filled with pages that display letters, CV blends (to introduce coarticulation), CVC words and sight words, as well as sentences. Students read and reread these pages for automaticity. Additionally, students practice letter formation, followed by spelling at the word and sentence level. After many days of practice, students then read books with these new and previously learned CVC and sight words. Finally, students write one-sentence summaries for each book. This program is designed specifically for Kindergarten students and as an intervention for grades 1-3.

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Digital, Digital plus Hard Copy Manual, Redeemable Serial Numbers

Free Online Training: To maximize the effectiveness of this kit, go to the free online Teacher Instructional Videos that are aligned to the teacher manual. Follow the videos, chapter-by-chapter, to learn how to assess students, plan for instruction, master instructional strategies, and implement the different activities in this program.

Benefits of this Kit: Imagine all students, whether in General Education, Special Education, or English Language Learners, successfully reading and spelling. Marvel as these children immediately learn sight words, as well as letters and blending (CVC words) that are then connected to decodable readers. But that’s not the entire picture! Students learn transcription skills, spelling and handwriting, at the word and sentence level. This kit provides all the tools, directions, and support needed to make this image become reality!

Independent Student centers: Students practice skills learned in their reading groups by watching and interacting with Nancy Fetzer’s Emergent Reading Kit’s FREE Online Alphabet Cartoons. These online videos are approximately 8-10 minutes in length.

Link for FREE cartoons to practice names and sounds of alphabet:

Link for FREE cartoons to practice handwriting of alphabet:

Reading Portfolios: Each color group has specific blackline masters that are printed, duplicated and stapled together making reading portfolio workbooks. Students use their portfolios daily in reading groups, as well as for guided and independent practice. The portfolios are filled with pages that display letters, CVC words and sight words, as well as sentences for decoding and spelling practice. Students read and reread (as well as spell) on these pages to master the skills. After many days of practice, students then read books with these new and previously learned words.

Sight Word Boards: Sight Words are high-frequency words students learn to read “as fast as a snap”, or with automaticity. Each reading level introduces specific sight words. When introducing these words, students first focus on any letter sounds they know and map them in their brains with the phoneme to grapheme connection (spelling) and grapheme to phoneme connection decoding). The parts of the words they do not know are then memorized using chants, white boards, body and sky writing. After this instruction, students go to their reading portfolio workbooks to read and spell the new sight words, as well as review previously-learned words. On completion of this entire kit, students will know how to read and spell forty-eight, high-frequency words.

Letter and Blending Boards: After a letter or letters are introduced, students practice (for mastery) their names and sounds using the letter boards. These mastered letters are then listed in CV combinations on CV Blending Strips as a scaffolding step to focus on blending together two sounds, not producing words. Using the unique Tap-Tap-Sing-Say method, the teacher guides students to say each sound individually, then to blend (using singing as an effective strategy to blend) the two letter sounds together, and finally to say (or blend) the two letter sounds. After CV instruction with the teacher, the  students then practice on their CV Blend Board pages. Finally, students advance to blend CVC words. Initial work is taught utilizing the teacher  Blending Strips, followed by guided practice decoding CVC words on their blend board pages in their reading portfolio workbooks. On completion of this entire kit, students will know how to read and spell all CVC words.

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